Asleep On The Dancefloor

by Sofa Sunday

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Our self-released debut EP. Out spring 2014!


released April 25, 2014

Written, recorded, produced by Sofa Sunday
Mixed and mastered by Bujar Pietilä at Joku Roti Studios - Turku, Finland
Cover art by Patrik Kujanpää

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Sofa Sunday Turku, Finland

Fresh indiepoprock tunes from Åbo!

Rasmus Pietilä - Vocals & Guitar
Mikael Lundqvist - Guitar & Vocals
Alex Lundberg - Bass & Vocals
Rasmus Kuhlberg - Drums

- Sofa Sunday är ett band från Åbo som t.o.m. din mutsi diggar! Bitarna består av rock/pop/indie och svängiga riffar. -
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Track Name: Jon Robinson
Jon Robinson

It’s a marionette
And you’re pulling the strings
One by one
Every night
You’re sitting in the front row
So don’t leave me alone

Tired of the crier
At the back door
I have an urge to get back on the road
On with the show

Please now decide
Which one is better
Late nights or Long talks
You’re gone a moment later
My mind is out of time
So you go and find someone
With late nights or long talks
You’re gone a moment later

Jon Robinson
You keep selling out
For the crier shouts
Drugged out wildcat!
You keep killing me
With your cheap thrills
Track Name: MonMon

Sometimes it’s dark
Sometimes it makes my skin crawl
Sometimes I’m so far down
Sometimes I’m so much higher up
Yet I’m talking dirty
To the warmest clothes I’ve got
And I’m hoping to see a bit more of you

Sometimes I’m falling down
Sometimes I wake up right in time
Sometimes my feet give in
Sometimes you keep me standing still
Yet I’m talking funny when I inhale your breath
And I’m hoping to feel a bit more of you

Even if it’s cold and distant love
It is the cause of my phobia

One day I made it up from my bed
Room upside down never going back again
I tried to say it was something I’m afraid of
But I don’t know
I think it is against the law
Yet I’m talking dirty to someone have never met
And I’m hoping to be a bit more like you

Don’t want to be alive
Don’t want to be dead
I want to be in between

I am the one crashing into you
So what the fuck
I just don’t want to be cruel
Track Name: Museo Larco
Museo Larco

I once knew someone long ago
Can’t remember her name
It’s stupid I know
She was nothing like you
Will you help me up or let me down?

What I want is you
And I can’t find the reasons to
Give you up because of who you are
You’re a star but you don’t shine so far

You’re keeping secrets
From everyone you love
And everyone around you
That’s just not enough
You think way too much
Don’t let it get you down
I don’t think it’ll work
But it’s worth a try
Track Name: Havana!

You’ll never find out (Who told you?)
Let’s go all out (Who sent you?)
You’ll never find out

Can you see her face?
It’s always dark with hate
The jealousy in his eyes
Those terrible eyes
Heading straight for the storm
Did you know that it’s a load?
That I don’t want to be a part
Of this fake artificial home
When you’re still back at the start
Track Name: Hands Down The Best Thing
Hands Down the Best Thing

It’s not my fault when it’s the youth
It’s not an evil when it’s the truth
Hands down the best thing for me
It must be you

You remind me of someone so innocent
You’re young at heart, old on your skin
Is it worth being bad, to feel so good?
Is it worth it to hurt, to avoid the pain?

Hide behind your stride, to protect your past
Because everyone hates so hate them back
Don’t give in to your heart attack
Break your arm
Rip off your cast
Try to run
But they’re too fast
Lie down still